Algebraic Learning for Elementary Grades: Results, Independence, Achievement

Mission Statement

ALEGRIA! provides professional development to all teachers in Vineyard Elementary School to increase the mathematics learning and achievement overall, and to reduce the achievement gaps; to increase the math conceptual content knowledge and math knowledge for teaching among the teachers, and to increase their use of effective pedagogical skills, especially for ELL/SELs; to promote cultural and systemic change that results in ongoing improvement and that promotes long-term sustainability; and to create a replicable model with evidence-based successes.

ALEGRIA! creates, nurtures, and sustains professional learning communities of teachers and teacher leaders who will achieve the project goals. These communities meet, learn, and practice in summer institutes, meet in grade-level PLCs during the academic year, and participate in lesson study to promote student-centered classrooms and to support transfer of learning to the classroom. Teacher leaders will be identified, trained, mentored, and given leadership opportunities throughout and beyond the project.


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